Modern Bathroom Decor Tips from Luxury Home Designers

Eugene Vargas

If you're looking to build a new home, it may be a bit overwhelming—mainly because you have to make some major decisions on not just the structure, but the interior design. If you are looking for design tips for your bathroom, for example, here are some modern bathroom décor tips from luxury home designers that you could make the most of.

Tips for the cabinets

A staple of bathrooms is storage space. If you are looking to modernize the space, be biased toward crispand streamlined cabinetry. For instance cantilevered cabinets that have been mounted to the walls will create a sleeker impression while making the bathroom look light. They also add a minimalistic look to the room without compromising on the amount of storage space that you need.

If you tend to store linens in the bathroom and would require additional storage space, opt for wall-to-wall cabinets that are built in so as not to impose on the overall minimal look. For individuals who would like to add a sense of warmth without having to opt for a splash of color on the walls, using rich dark woods for your cabinet doors can do this for you flawlessly.

Tips for your fixtures

A staple for contemporary modern design is the use of white fixtures, which can give an impression of a crisp and clean look. If you have the resources for additional renovation, you could opt to get rid of your old bathtub and install a freestanding one. These tubs are the hottest trend right now and contribute to the minimalistic look as they create space around them. In addition to this, the free standing tub acts as the focal point of your bathroom giving it some drama.

Tips for your surfaces

Luxury home designers advise to get rid of cheap materials and invest in quality materials for your surfaces. Materials such as quartz, glass, marble and more may be a tad more expensive but they are the perfect touch to a contemporary bathroom.

They are also a convenient option as they are all easy to clean and maintain and will not be affected by the humid conditions in the bathroom. You could also consider getting mosaic details on your surfaces to give them a more dramatic effect if you would like the surfaces to stand out from the general sleek and minimal theme.

Tips for your shower

Nothing says luxury more than a steam shower. These come with multiple rain heads plus additional body sprays that will transform your regular bathing routine into a luxury spa experience.

For more tips and suggestions for your new home, talk to contractors such as Prostyle Building Group.