• Converting an Old Industrial Building into a Modern Living Space: How Easy Is It?

    There's something undeniably trendy about converting an old industrial building into a modern living space. Old industrial sheds, factories and warehouses can be found within walking distance to a city's centre, and perhaps you've considered one day converting such a structure into your new home. There are a few things you might not have thought about that might hamper your efforts. Zoning Multipurpose zoning is commonplace across Australia, wherein an area is zoned as being appropriate for both commercial and residential uses.

  • Bathroom Waterproofing: Why It Crucial To Keep It In Pristine

    Having to deal with water damage is one of the most expensive types of repairs that you would have to embark on in your residence. Therefore, it would be crucial to ensure that the wet areas of your home always have functioning waterproofing. A mistake some people make is assuming the waterproofing that they found in their home will always be at optimum. The reality is, just as other areas of your residence, waterproofing will also have to be replaced over time, as it is not immune to damage.

  • What Are Geotechnical Services?

    Geotechnical services are often offered by specialist engineering firms and they have a range of separate, though often related, functions. Geotechnical engineering comes under the umbrella of civil engineering and is essentially concerned with how earth materials behave in the environment. By gaining a better understanding of the ground at a particular site, it is possible to determine what sort of buildings can be built there and at what cost. A big part of modern geotechnical services, therefore, is surveying land prior to architectural building plans being drawn up.

  • Asbestos Control and Removal: Soil Remediation is Equally as Important

    When most people think about asbestos contamination, the areas that come to mind are buildings and their infrastructure. However, structures are not the only areas where asbestos can be found. Asbestos can occur in the soil and it poses the same health and environmental hazards as does asbestos that's found in building materials and infrastructure. Inspecting the soil around a building that's suspected to have asbestos fibers can help you to take the necessary remediation steps to protect the building occupants and the environment from the effects of asbestos.

  • Why You Should Consider Finding a Temporary Labour Job

    If you are looking for a job in the general labour field, your two main options are to apply for available permanent positions or get temporary employment. Seeking temporary employment is often done through a labour hire agency, and it has quite a few advantages. Here are some reasons to choose the latter option. You Can Get a Job Quickly One of the top benefits to choosing a temporary labour job through an employment agency is that you can get a job fast.