Why Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Eugene Vargas

Have you just relocated into a new home or rented an apartment? No doubt the former tenants have surrendered copies of the keys to all the existing locks inside the home. But how can you ascertain that they have actually surrendered to you all the copies that exist? Former occupants may have a few copies of keys that may gain entry into your new house.

In spite of the fact that all keys ought to be surrendered upon relocation, most persons still retain keys to their past dwellings. This scenario raises a potential safety concern. Simply call in a 24 hr locksmith to rekey all the locks in your new house.

What does rekeying entail?

Rekeying your locks is simply like having a new set of locks without really having to buy new locks. Once the locksmith rekeys your locks, you are presented with a new set of keys to open the locks. In other words, rekeying ensures that your current key does not work and that's why you are provided with a new set of keys to open the locks. There are many reasons to opt for rekeying services; however you always need a proficient locksmith to get the job done.

Lost or stolen keys?

When you cannot trace where you left your keys or when they are stolen, naturally this leads to fears regarding the security of your house or business. Many insurance firms do not compensate for losses devoid of any signs of forceful entry, which could leave you in financial quagmire if an intruder uses a key to gain access to your house.

The good news is that you don't have to replace you existing locks which would rather be an expensive affair. Usually the affordable and easy solution is to rekey your locks. At the end of the day, you remain your with existing locks, get a new set of keys and eradicate the security threat posed by your lost or stolen keys.

Which type of locks can benefit from rekeying?

Nearly all locks can be modified to only work with a new set of keys including;

  • Safes
  • Doors and windows
  • Cars

Do not take too many chances with the safety of your home. Remember, disaster strikes when you least expect and there's no worse feeling than if you had the chance to prevent it. Call in a 24-hr locksmith such as Rivercity Locksmiths Pty Ltd to rekey your locks once you relocate to a new home or when you cannot find your existing keys.