3 Advantages of Steel as a Building Material

Eugene Vargas

Steel has been used as a structural building material for many decades, although today a builder has many choices when it comes to the materials they may use for a construction project. Before you decided that something cheaper is a good choice as a building material, consider three great advantages of steel as a building material.

1. Steel has a high strength to weight ratio.

When any piece of material is very large or long, it has more weight and in turn it may buckle on itself. Steel however has a very high strength to weight ratio so that it's a good option for building high-rises, bridges, and other long or tall structures. It will not buckle under its own weight when used in these larger construction projects.

The strength of a material when it comes to energy absorption is called ductility, and this refers to how strong it is against sudden shocks such as blasts or earthquakes. The higher ductility or strength of steel makes it a better choice for areas that are prone to such natural disasters or for those who want to protect structures from terrorist attacks. It will not quickly warp or buckle under such shocks.

2. Its properties remain constant over time.

Wood and other materials may eventually rot, and aluminum may also eventually rust. Cement and concrete can crumble and buckle over time. However, steel retains its properties more consistently, so that a structure can remain strong no matter how old. This in turn means less maintenance and less chance of a building needing to be eventually demolished because its structural materials are beyond repair.

3. Steel is recyclable and reusable.

After a building is demolished there is the task of knowing what to do with the materials that are remaining. Not all of them are recyclable and wood that has rotted or aluminum that has rusted is typically wasted and cannot be reused or recycled. However, steel is completely recyclable and reusable. It can be cut into smaller pieces to be reused in other projects or melted down and used for something entirely new.

This in turn keeps more waste out of landfills and can cut down on pollution as materials break down and release chemicals into the soil, air, and groundwater. Any contractor or anyone looking to have a new building built that is worried about their own carbon footprint or contribution to pollution should consider steel as the best option for them.

Remember these three advantages of steel, like that at Green Steel Supplies Pty Ltd, over any other building material when it comes time to make your decision about the material you want to use.