4 Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Eugene Vargas

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), also known as directional boring, is the new concept of laying underground pipes and conduits that has changed the decades-old process forever. It is an extremely ingenuous technique that helps solve many of the potential problems that engineers experience, especially within urban areas. Horizontal directional drilling can be use to lay infrastructure for water, sewerage, telecommunications, gas and pipeline. Take a look at some of its perks.

1. No disruption to the environment.

The HDD technology has its prime advantage over traditional methods in its subtle approach to pipe-laying. The technique is minimally intrusive and people operating in between may not even know that there's an underground drilling process taking place. Houses, commercial properties, roads, water bodies, trees and other structures remain untouched.

Underground, the horizontal directional drilling rig utilizes various technologies such as the wire-line system to identify obstacles such as foundations, sewer systems, and gas lines in order to steer clear of them.

2. Saves time of operation.

Since there's no excavation or disruption, the HDD technology allows for the contractor to go straight into the conduit laying process. In cases where there are permanent obstacles such as buildings, the technology allows the pipes to go straight under instead of having to seek longer alternative routes that would add operational time to the process. Also, horizontal directional drilling eliminates the need for lengthy cleanup or reconstruction after the pipe-laying process. Once the pipes have been pulled through, the job is over.

3. Less costly.

As a result of the operational approach of HDD, the technique brings about huge cost savings. For one, there's no need for manpower or use of machines to dig trenches, lay piping, cover the piping, and even reconstruct roads or destroyed structures. Even more important is the avoidance of liability that can arise as a result of damaged property along pavements and roads. The drilling rig is the only major machinery used in the HDD process.

4. It's safer.

Without open trenches or human labor directly involved in the pipe-laying, there are very few chances of injury cases involving either the public or the labor force. The horizontal directional drilling method retains the status quo above ground, over the entire stretch under which the operation is ongoing.

If you need to lay pipes or conduit of whatever nature, the horizontal directional drilling technology can help you accomplish the same within less time and with less disruption to the surroundings. Most importantly, it can help you do so through areas that would otherwise be impossible to transverse, all without breaking ground. Talk to companies like Daley Directional Drilling to learn more about other benefits of this process.