4 popular benchtop materials and their advantages

Eugene Vargas

Part of your kitchen remodelling involves choosing what type of benchtop to use in your ideal kitchen. It can a bit challenging taking into account the range of benchtop materials and styles available.

When selecting an appropriate benchtop material for your ideal kitchen, consider both functionality and fashion. A benchtop material that marries elegance and functionality makes for the right choice. This article gives an overview of the 4 most popular benchtop materials that should feature in your kitchen benchtop shortlist.


Looking for something that will set your kitchen apart from the rest? Well, polished concrete offers a contemporary twist on an otherwise traditional medium with its infinite combinations of colours and aggregates. Besides being practical and durable, polished concrete offers an aesthetic style and vibe that is really unique. Do note that concrete is somewhat heavy to work with and requires sealing to minimise porosity.

Solid Surface

With a variety of surface materials available, why should solid surface be your ideal choice? This is a material produced from natural materials as well as acrylic resin in an extensive variety of colours. It combines the strength derived from its constituent materials to deliver a benchtop with incomparable practical advantages. It's non-porous, has no open joins and can be repaired without the need to remove the entire benchtop. It is durable and can be formed into any desired shape.


Kitchen laminate is the most affordable and adorns a lot of kitchens in Australia. Laminates are the ideal pretenders given that they bear the resemblance and feel of natural stone; however, they are reasonably priced compared to natural stone as you will find out from the available kitchen laminate suppliers. Additionally, they are non-porous, germ-free and amazingly hard-wearing, all whilst imitating a natural look.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is characterised with luxury and quality. Natural stone benchtops can be colour-matched to accentuate the overall colour design as well as the natural faults and grain. Marble and granite are two of the most popular natural stone benchtops.

Marble benchtops are synonymous with luxury owing to their elegant and veining look, although they are particularly prone to staining and scratching. On the other hand, granite countertops are synonymous with a more natural look. What's more, they are hard-wearing and resistant to chips and scratches. If money is no object to you, then you can go for natural stone benchtops.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact a benchtop supplier like Laminate Fabricators Pty Ltd and choose the best material for your kitchen.