Common Features Of A Security Sliding Door

Eugene Vargas

If you're building a new home, or you want to enhance the safety and protection within your existing house, you should consider installing security sliding doors. These are heavy-duty doors that are designed to keep burglars and other home invaders from breaking into your home at night or when your home is empty during the day. If you haven't had much experience with these kinds of doors, here are some of the common features you'll find.


Many standard sliding doors are built without safeguards that prevent the door from being lifted off its tracks and removed. This is often the first thing an invader will attempt to do when he's trying to gain access to your home. Sliding doors operate along a track, so if someone is strong enough to lift the door out of the track, he can take off the entire door, put it aside and now have to only worry about a thin screen door which he can easily cut, and then he's inside your house. This means that he won't even need to break your glass to enter your home.

Security sliding doors are different because they feature anti-lifting devices, such as a pin that is attached in the space between the top sliding track and the frame that prevents the door from being lifted. Security sliding doors also come with steel plates instead of pins that work in the same way, but they are wider and stronger than pins to provide additional anti-lift protection.


Security sliding doors are also equipped with double-paneled glass that's tempered in high heat, which not only makes the glass stronger and more durable than standard sliding door glass, but also protects you in the event of a breakage. A standard pane of glass will shatter if something heavy strikes it, which means that shards and pieces will fly everywhere, potentially causing injury.

But with the tempered glass on security sliding doors, heavy impacts that break the glass will not cause it to shatter. The glass will stay in the frame in big pieces, which lessens the chance of injury. In a home invasion scenario, in which you are home as someone is trying to break in through the security sliding door, the glass will take longer to break, which can provide you with the time needed to flee and call the authorities. 

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