Important Features To Discuss With Your Patio Builder

Eugene Vargas

Before you have a new patio built, you want to ensure that you've considered all the features you want with your contractor. Usually it's better to have features built into a patio rather than added later down the road so that you know those features will look cohesive and will work properly for you. Note a few features that many homeowners overlook when having new patios or pergolas or other outside spaces built and that would be good to discuss with a builder.

1. Privacy walls and screens

How private will your patio be from your neighbors? Adding some type of privacy wall, screen, or other feature can be a good choice when having a new patio built. Screens can be added so that you still have ventilation, but some cover on one side of the patio, or you might have an actual privacy wall put up between you and the neighbors. Glass enclosures can allow for maximum light but are good for sound insulation, and you can then add curtains on the inside of the glass. A bamboo shade can allow you to roll it up or down as needed and can also give your patio a bit of color and a natural element to the appearance.

2. Shade features

A patio won't be very comfortable if you're in the blazing sun, so a shade feature can also be added. You might consider a pergola, which is an open structure that has a very Asian feeling to it. Shade sails might be added, and these oversized pieces of canvas can add color and style to your patio without overwhelming the space. A retractable awning can also give you the shade you need while still being flexible when you do want more sunlight.

3. Built-in heating elements

You also won't be sitting on your patio when it's too cold outside, so built-in heating elements can make it more comfortable for you. A contractor might run a vent through the walls of a patio so you can have heat outside, or you might prefer a built-in fire pit for both warmth and visual appeal. Having this added as part of your patio can make it more versatile and even safer than buying a fire pit that may not be as contained.

Along with these important features, remember to talk to your contractor about running electricity to the patio so you can more readily add lighting features and portable heaters. He or she may also want to install built-in lights along the steps or outer edges for added safety. This will make your patio more comfortable and useable for you.