Why a Homeowner Needs a Professional for Any Digging and Boring Work

Eugene Vargas

Digging your yard for a new sprinkler system or plumbing pipes may seem like an easy task, but as with many home improvement projects, it's often more difficult than a homeowner may realize. If you're looking to do any digging or boring in your yard for any type of project, consider why you want to leave this work to a professional. This will ensure the work gets done quickly and safely as well; note the following.

1. Soil Conditions May Change as You Dig

Even if you're digging a relatively shallow trench for sprinklers, you may be surprised at how the soil changes as you start to dig. You may hit virtually solid rock or very moist soil that causes the trench to collapse. In turn, you may ruin your digging equipment or become frustrated with how to preserve the trench as you dig.

A professional boring contractor will know to thoroughly test the soil to the depth of the dig and prepare properly. He or she may have a diamond-tipped drill for rocky soil, or may have a hydrovac, which actually vacuums soil rather than digging it. The hydrovac removes moisture along with the soil so that the trench is protected from collapse.

2. Less Noise and Fewer Vibrations Can Be a Better Choice for Your Dig

If you use a jackhammer or backhoe for your dig, you may see that the noise and vibration actually cause damage to buildings on your property. These vibrations and sound waves can cause cracks in the walls and ceilings of your home, and even cracks in the foundation. This can also be very disturbing to the ground as it may create sinkholes in overly moist soil.

A professional boring contractor will have low noise and low vibration equipment that can protect your home and your property. A hydrovac can be used for this reason, or they may have a bored pile drilling machine, which produces much less vibration than other heavy-duty equipment.

3. Professionals Will Maintain a Safe Dig

Digging trenches can be very dangerous as the walls can easily collapse or a worker can get stuck in muddy, moist soil. A professional boring contractor will know how to keep walls of trenches braced during digs and keep workers safe as well. This might include setting down plywood over soft soil to provide secure footing, or filling in soft soil with pebbles and gravel as the dig progresses to keep it more solid. For your own safety, it's best to call a professional boring contractor (such as Baines Drilling).