What Are the Latest Innovations in Home Security Systems?

Eugene Vargas

You cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting your home, environment and family. Innovations in the home security system industry can help you with these important tasks. What should you be looking for if you're considering a new system?

Helping You Manage Your Life

The latest systems are morphing into complete home management solutions, in addition to protection devices. For example, you can be supplied with a special wireless tablet that functions as your control centre.

You might want to adjust the temperature of an upstairs room, as it gets closer to bedtime. You might want to check to see who is ringing the doorbell when you're in a remote area of the house. You may have forgotten to close the garage door behind you when bringing groceries in from the car.

In each of these cases the tablet will alert you. Furthermore, the latest systems are linked to carbon monoxide, smoke or heat detectors, providing a central "safety station."

Smarter Alarm Management

You no longer have to perform some stealthy moves in order to get out of the front door quickly after manually activating your alarm. Now, you can switch the system on or off from a smart device when sitting in your car, or no matter where you are. If you have an occasional cleaner, for example, you don't need to give out any spare keys or provide them with the code in order to disarm a system. You can remotely arm or disarm from your desk at work.

Now, you can be provided with a whole slew of data whenever an alarm would traditionally have been sounded. You can configure the system and the form of the alert to be received in the case of any incident. Alerts need not be related to a home invasion. It could be that you receive a notification whenever your children come home from school. You can get a simple text or email when the front door is opened and even opt to get a short video clip, should you wish.

Fooling Thieves

When everybody is away from the home the system can be set up to turn individual lights on or off randomly, in order to confuse any potential thief looking for an empty house. Many new systems rely on transporting or storing data "in the cloud" and therefore need an interactive mode of communication.

However thieves cannot benefit by simply cutting off power or a phone line. New systems are configured to communicate through cell networks and have a battery backup, so they do not rely on hardwired connections or mains power supply.

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