Mezzanine Floor Renovations: Tips on Creating Living Room & Storage Options in Old Homes

Eugene Vargas

A mezzanine, or half floor, can be a great option to integrate storage in houses with high ceilings. It's a great way to make the most of an old house with limited storage but lots of wow factor by not losing all of the impact of a raised ceiling. Here are some ideas to create a mezzanine that is amazing.

A library

If you have an impressive library and a large entertaining area, a mezzanine library can offer a storage solution for your books that warms up the large entertaining space while losing any of light of a closed off single room library might loose. A spiral staircase leading up to your library can create a sense of whimsy and character in a large house, while keeping valuable books out of harm's way. This is a great way to display a unique book collection without seeing pretentious or overly formal.

A breakfast bar

If your house has been set up without a naturally bright kitchen, a mezzanine level breakfast bar may be a great solution to capture some natural light and create a pleasant place to sit and enjoy breakfast in the natural light. Many people find that sunlight helps them to feel more awake naturally, especially in the colder months with less hours of sunlight.

In older houses the kitchen where often built with quite high ceilings so that any smoke which escaped the wood fire and chimney would naturally gather above the kitchen area and not smoke out the rest of the house, making them ideally suited to building in a breakfast bar.

A bar and balcony

If you have gorgeous views, or perhaps a water aspect, which can catch a pleasant view in summer, a balcony can be a great way to create a space that allows for afternoon drinks. With a mezzanine attached you can also have an internal area for a small bar with a bar fridge so that you can mix drinks and keep refreshments flowing, without needing to keep heading up and down the stairs. This can be a very inviting place to sit out, and enjoy the spectacular summer evenings. 

As you can see, a mezzanine level can create additional living space while helping store items that you don't use every day. If you are looking to create more storage space and living area with a mezzanine floor contact a mezzanine floor contractors today.