3 Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning

Eugene Vargas

Ducted air conditioning systems have been mainly used in large offices or shops, but the same technology can be applied in a household, as well. Compared to classic, individual air conditioning systems, ducted units are able to perform better and they come with a series of advantages that might very well make the purchase worth it. Of course, the initial investment will be a bit higher and the system will require more planning, but it will pay off better in the end.

Uniform Temperatures throughout Your House

Of course, the greatest advantage of an air conditioning system is that you can tune the temperature of a room low enough to make it a safe haven during summertime. However, it's quite a shocker to switch from the cool room to another one and be confronted by a heat wall. Situations like these can be avoided by switching off the air conditioning unit completely or by installing a ducted system that is able to distribute cool air all throughout the house.

Single Air Handling Unit

Air conditioning systems have to rely on the air handling units, which are far from a pleasant view on the facades of buildings. When it comes to ducted air conditioning systems, you don't have to deal with six different units in order to cool down six rooms; instead, you have a single central unit that will distribute the cool air through the ducts to all the needed areas. It may seem as the single unit has to do much more work in order to provide the needed temperatures, but in fact it might get even more economic than installing several units.

Quieter than Other Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to an AC unit, you might get used to the noise after a while, but it can be quite annoying in the beginning, especially if it's the first time you have one installed in your house. When it comes to a ducted system, most of the noise will be present at the sole air handling unit, while the air sent through the ducts and released into the rooms will feature almost no noise at all.

A ducted air conditioning system can be a definite game-changer during summertime, as you can effectively cool down your entire house and enjoy spending time in all of its rooms, instead of being present in just one of them all day long. 

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