When to Call a Commercial Electrician to Your Facility

Eugene Vargas

It's never good to wait to call a commercial electrician when repairs are needed at your office or other facility, as ignoring certain electrical problems can lead to more extensive damage to wiring and your electrical devices. This can also mean wasting power as certain appliances struggle to work.

If you're not sure when it's time to call a commercial electrician to your facility, note a few considerations to keep in mind:

1. When lights flicker or go dim

In some cases you may need new bulbs for your lights, but often this problem is an electrical one. The wiring to your lights may be frayed or worn and in turn, they are not getting enough power so they go dim. You may also be draining a certain circuit as other electrical devices on that circuit are getting power while the lights are not.

This can put excess wear on the wiring of the circuit, so have this problem checked as soon as you notice it. If it's not a problem with older bulbs, call an electrician. 

2. When plugs are full

If all the plugs in your office or other facility are full, it's time to call an electrician and have him or her wire new plugs to an area. Overloaded plugs can increase your risk of electrical fires and also drain a circuit of needed power, putting wear on these electronic devices. Even if you're using a surge protector, once all the outlets get full, you want to have new sources of power installed.

This includes a production facility where you may plug in shop vacuums and other equipment, a garage where you use many different power tools at once, and even in an office kitchen where you may have a microwave and other appliances all plugged in on the counter.

3. Popping noises or sparks

In an office or any facility, when you hear popping noises or see sparks when unplugging a device then you need to call a commercial electrician. This often mean that power is arcing, or being intermittently connected. The popping noise and sparks both appear when the power is suddenly disconnected.

This can mean your facility is at risk of an electrical fire, and it also means draining electronic devices of power and in turn, increased wear and tear. Don't ignore these noises or any sparks you see but have an electrician check the wiring and upgrade it or replace it as necessary. Contact a company such as Faraday Group with any questions or concerns you have.