Four Gate Automation Entry Options Every Ranch Should Consider

Eugene Vargas

Owning and operating a ranch means not only maintaining the ranch, but also ensuring that your livestock and home is kept safe. One method you may consider is using an automated gate system on the front, back, or other access areas of the ranch property. When you decide to go with an automated gate, you may not know that you have several entry options. Here are four gate automation entry options and some information about each one.

Card Reader Entry

Installing a card reader entry system is ideal if you have several farmhands and ranch workers that do not live on-site and enter the property daily. You can have identification cards created for each person who would be authorized to enter the ranch. These cards can use a microchip or a scan bar similar to those found on credit cards. The card is swiped on the card entry box and, if it is authorized, the gates will open.

Voice Recognition Entry

If you don't want to deal with cards, card programming, or lost card deactivation, then another option is to go with voice recognition. This option can be used at all the automated gates located on your property. If someone's voice is in the system, having been pre-recorded and entered into the system memory, then all they need to do is say their name or a phrase at the entry box. The system will search and validate their speech and allow the gates to open if the voice is authenticated.

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry options are the most common for automated gates. These systems require that you give the code to people you want authorized to enter the ranch property. They can also be set to be different codes if you want to keep someone out of certain restricted areas. For example, you may allow general entry to the main part of the ranch, but you may use a different code to keep people out of feed storage or medical storage areas.

Fingerprint Entry

If none of the other options work for you, a fingerprint entry system may be ideal. You will need to find an automated gate company that offers this type of entry system since some may not. This system uses the fingerprint of the authorized person to trigger the gates to open. You can also restrict certain areas of the ranch by allowing the fingerprint to only work on certain gates, similar to the keypad entry option. 

These are only four of the automated gate entry system options you can choose. If you have specific automated gate entry needs, consider discussing those with your gate contractor or installation technician. They can help you devise the best option for you and install that option based on your scheduling needs.