Creative Ideas for Summer Birthday Parties

Eugene Vargas

Nature makes the ideal backdrop for birthday parties and there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to planning an outdoor birthday party. Here are some creative and unique themes you can implement at your child's next summer party.

Cowgirl-Chic Party

This is an ideal theme if you have a lot of outdoor space or live on a farm. Invitations can be made with stitched burlap and party favours can include cowgirl hats (you can get them from a discount store, so they won't add a lot to your budget!). Play in the barn, play some games and even rent a petting zoo for the day. Complete the party with plenty of treats for a fun day girls aren't soon to forget.

Detective Party

This is a great idea for the birthday sleuth and his friends. This can be done in your backyard if you have lots of space, or at a local park. Give everyone a list of clues (the complexity can be adjusted depending on age) that lead to several 'stations' where they will pick up another clue to solve the mystery. Then head back to your home for treats and more fun!

Scavenger Hunt

Have a list of items each player must find (again, complexity can be adjusted for age levels). The first player finished wins a prize. If your backyard is small, find a local park where there is a lot of space, and bring some small items you can 'plant' for the kids to find.

Superhero Party

This is a great idea for boys of all ages! Have them pick their favourite superhero (you can rent the costumes, or they can come already dressed, it's up to you) and arrange games for them to play while they're dressed up. They'll feel like little heroes for a few hours and you can get in on the fun and get dressed up too!

Rental Items

Helium tanks, bouncy castles/structures and popcorn making machines can all be rented from party rental stores. They are not expensive and can make a great birthday even greater. Of course, you'll also want to contact a portable toilet hire company – that way you don't have to worry about kids trampling through your house! A portaloo hire is an often overlooked party item, but it is a necessity for outdoor events.

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning outdoor birthday parties. Use your imagination and some of the ideas above to make your child's next birthday a memorable one.