Three Maintenance Guidelines for Steel Roofing

Eugene Vargas

The roofing materials available in the modern construction market are diverse. The ideal choice for your residential applications will depend on common factors such as environmental conditions, desired durability and your roof replacement budget. One of the suitable materials for general home installation is steel. The metal is strong and is not susceptible to easy damage as a result of mechanical impact. This roofing product can be purchased in diverse colours to suit your home style and preference. In addition, steel roofs are highly durable because they are treated properly against corrosion and rusting. On the other hand, you should remember that the steel roofing is not indestructible. Here are maintenance guidelines to help you uphold the performance of your metal roof.

Prevent Roof Abrasion

Steel roofing material is sturdy and resilient in adverse conditions. However, continued abrasion will slowly wear away the surface through the force of friction. In simple terms, if foreign materials are in constant contact with your roof surface, scratches and dents will form and accelerate the corrosion of the roof. You should prevent contact between tree branches around your house and the roof. The movement of the limbs in the wind generates damaging friction. It is also prudent to clean the roof periodically to prevent the accumulation of general debris and leaves. These can exert unnecessary pressure on the roof, causing weakening of the structure. You should use a stiff but soft-bristled broom for the task to limit the risk of damaging the surface finish.

Replace Old Sealants

Steel roofing products are purchased and installed as discrete sheets joined together. If the connections between the sheets are compromised, the roof will be susceptible to significant leaks. This can lead to structural water damage and compromise of your assets. You should engage a roofing technician to inspect the roof regularly for damage. The experts will check the sealants installed at the sheet penetrations and the roof perimeters. If the material is compromised, your service person can replace the sealant to restore functionality. There are also fastener gaskets installed with the roofing, and they might require periodic replacement.

Limit Foot Traffic

The steel material used to fabricate the roofing products is not vulnerable to easy deformation. However, this does not mean that the sheets will not weaken when exposed to constant mechanical pressure. Therefore, you should limit foot traffic on your residential roof to maintain the intrinsic strength of the steel. If you or technicians must step on the roof, step on the areas with joists and purlins for the extra support.

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