Tips for Installing Roller Blinds

Eugene Vargas

Blinds can be a great way to add privacy and style to your home. There are many different types of blinds that you can pick from, but roller blinds are quickly becoming the preferred option among homeowners. They are designed to be sleek looking and are not bulky like other types of blinds. It is east for you to install roller blinds in your home if you are aware of a few helpful tips designed to make the process simpler.

Screw Type

It is important that you pick the screws that you are going to use during installation based on the type of surface that you are securing the roller blinds into. In most instances, the screws that typically come in the kit with the roller blinds are for use on wooden surfaces alone. This means that if you are going to install roller blinds into a metal surface, it is best to use sheet metal screws. Hollow wall anchors are also an option that you can use for almost all surface types. Choosing the right type of screw will ensure that the roller blinds can be attached with ease and are fully secure.


It is important that you make a mark on the inside of the window frame where you want the bracket to be placed. This will most likely require you to hold the roller blind up to the window when it is extended and determine where the best position for the bracket will be. Once you have identified the location on the window that is best suited for the bracket, you should make a mark. Be sure to make a mark on each side of the window for the two brackets that are required. It is also a good idea to use a level to make sure that the marks are even. Using a pencil to make the mark is preferred because the mark will be noticeable, but is not permanent.

Screw Holes

You can make accurate holes for the screws by holding the bracket up to the marking that you have made. It is important that you place the curved side of the bracket in the direction facing you. You will then match the marking and mark the holes where the screws need to be placed. Once the screw holes have been marked, you can use a drill to make the holes. You will have to repeat this process on the other side of the window, making sure that everything is aligned.

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