Three Important Considerations During Land Surveying

Eugene Vargas

If you are thinking about investing in new property, it is prudent to engage the services of a land surveyor. Basically, the surveying field involves assessing the plot of land and evaluating the landscape. Ideally, the purpose of the practice is to determine whether a specific piece of land is suitable for potential developments. In simple terms, a surveyor will help you ensure that your plans for the land with regard to construction, industrial and commercial activities can be realised.

There are different elements that the land survey company must consider and examine before approving or disproving the pertinent plot. These are assessed using diverse methods and equipment on the field and in the office. It is important to understand these important factors so that you can carry out preliminary research before selecting suitable property. Here are the main aspects to consider during this type of land surveying activity.

Boundary Measurements

The measurement of distance is a critical element in land survey, so you should be vigilant with regard to boundary dimensions when purchasing property. It is important for you to compare the documented size of the plot presented by the seller with the actual dimensions of the property. You should take note of any apparent discrepancies and provide the information to your surveying contractor. The estimation is relatively simple if you are familiar with common measurements and the plot is regularly shaped. If the plot has irregular borders, you can compare the shape of the presented to-scale drawing with the layout of the actual plot. The surveyor will confirm or disprove your finding using accurate measurement equipment.


You should consider existing and potential easement issues before selecting suitable property for purchase. Simply speaking, an easement refers to the right of legal entities, including people, to use the plot or any other piece of property that they do not possess for particular purposes. Easements can be tied to the plot and written in the property deeds, making the rights permanent. On the other hand, some can expire with the sale of the property, and this would render them irrelevant to your ownership. It is important to inquire about easements, including right of way and even adverse possession, to ensure that these will not interfere with your ownership.

Records Search

Finally, it is vital to perform thorough searches of the property before making your decision on the property. There are some important elements that are not included in the information provided by the seller. These included legal ownership disputes, past transactions and description discrepancies.

For more information or to have a survey performed, contact local property surveyors.