Why You Should Upgrade to Glass Tabletops

Eugene Vargas

Are you considering a home improvement project? Read on and discover why you should install glass tabletops for all the tables in your home.

 Suitability for Most Styles

Some homeowners cannot resist changing the style of the décor in their homes frequently. Such changes may require the homeowner to buy new furniture that suits each new style. For instance, stainless steel tabletops may look out of place in a home with an overall cottage style. Glass tabletops can easily blend into any style of décor that you choose for your home. This will save you from having to buy new furniture each time you change styles.

Impact on Space

Glass tabletops also have an effect on how cramped or spacious your living space appears to be. Glass tabletops allow light to be transmitted through them easily. This brightens up the living space to the extent that your home will look more spacious than it actually is. Glass tabletops are therefore ideal for you if your living room is small.

Ease of Maintenance

Consider the tabletop options available and find out how easy it is to clean or maintain each of them. Wood tabletops are a clear example of materials that are challenging to maintain. For example, you may be required to stain that wood periodically in order to maintain its appearance. You will also need to limit how much water you use as you clean it so that it does not rot. Glass does not have such complications. You can use water and a piece of cloth to clean it as often as you want. This makes glass tabletops a good choice since glass is very easy to clean or maintain.


People who love engaging in DIY projects find glass to be a very friendly material to use. For example, you can easily remove the wooden top of your table and replace it with a glass one. You can also take a pallet or a barrel and add a glass tabletop to it, and thereby instantly have a new piece of furniture. Glass is also readily available at hardware stores. The cost is also more affordable when compared to other materials (solid wood, for example). These factors make glass a very affordable material for making household furniture items like tables.

Invite a glass replacement professional (like Moorabbin Glass) to advise you on how you can use glass for different items in your home (such as splashbacks and tabletops).