Three Landscaping Supplies Every New Homeowner Needs

Eugene Vargas

When you buy your first home, you may be making a list of what you need inside by way of furniture, electronics, and artwork, but don't forget the exterior of your new home as well. The right landscaping supplies can ensure you create a yard that is welcoming and inviting, and which can even help to maintain your home's value over time. Note a few landscaping supplies every new homeowner needs, beyond your standard lawnmower, so you know what to add to your shopping list.

Sturdy wheelbarrow

Don't even think of hauling heavy bags of mulch, gravel, and soil from one end of your property to another, as this is a good way to strain the back and damage your knees, hips, and arms. Instead, invest in a sturdy wheelbarrow, even if it's a somewhat smaller one, to assist with hauling those heavy bags of supplies or mounds of dirt that you want to move.

Laser level

Trying to trim hedges and keep them straight can be a challenge, and many homeowners wind up with uneven bushed that are poorly cut or not lined up with each other simply because they don't use any type of levelling device. A laser level can be set at one end of your row of hedges and you then simply trim to the line of the laser, which won't get in your way or interfere with an electric trimmer. You can also use the level for marking off areas around the yard where you want to add some garden edging or patio stones, and you'll keep the materials straight, even, and looking very professional.


A tamper is like a shovel except that it has a flat face on the bottom of a long pole. This tool is used to tamp down soil and other materials to make them compact.

You may wind up needing a tamper more than realize; for example, when you plant flowering bushes or shrubs around your home, you'll want to tamp down the soil around them so they don't tip or lean while the roots are still weak. You may also want to tamp down mulch to keep it in place, especially if you're expecting strong storms that could otherwise cause it to wash away. If you're going to repair any cracks in the sidewalks or driveway of the home, you'll also want to tamp down the asphalt or concrete patching materials so they stay compact and then dry properly.