Advantages of Polished Concrete Flooring in a Cafe or Restaurant

Eugene Vargas

When outfitting your restaurant or cafe, one of the most crucial elements is the flooring. Not only will this vast surface influence the ambience, but it will also be subject to continual foot traffic. That's why polished concrete makes an excellent choice. Its advantages are explained below.

Customisation Options

With some floor materials such as vinyl, laminate, or timber, you get to choose from our available options. However, with polished concrete, you can customise the floor to create the ambience you're trying to generate. Stains and dyes can be applied to set concrete in various colours. To develop a sense of dimension and variable hues, contractors can layer different shades and colours. Additionally, concrete forms a continuous surface without seams or joints. So if you have a busy cafe full of tables and chairs, this flooring will help reduce visual clutter and make the area feel more spacious and open.

Light Reflective

Shiny concrete emerges as contractors grind the cement with finer and finer polishing pads. This process leaves a sheen that reflects light around the restaurant for a brighter ambience. You can then use less artificial lighting and save on energy bills. The shine also gives a sense of depth and dimension and stops the floor from looking drab. 

Combines Well with Timber

Concrete can spread a utilitarian vibe around a cafe. However, you can also create other looks, especially if you blend with timber. Adding wooden shelves, seating, tables, or counters will bring warmth and make the environment homier. Whether you create a utilitarian, eclectic, or homespun feel, the premises will look on-trend. A shopfitting company can provide further ideas on how to contrast wood and concrete in the design.


If you install polished concrete, you won't have to replace the flooring as you may have to with vinyl or timber, for example. Concrete is durable and won't wear down, break, or rot. All it will require is a damp mopping to maintain cleanliness. In addition, you can forget about periodic waxing or sealing as such upkeep will be unnecessary. Less maintenance will free up your time so you can run your business and not be inconvenienced.


When running a restaurant or cafe, diners and staff will need to safely walk around without slipping. Polished concrete is non-slippery, so long as you wipe spills promptly. Additionally, you can apply anti-slip conditioners with a mop when you clean the floor to increase traction. Alternatively, the floor can be periodically sealed with anti-slip additives.