How To Choose A Builder

Eugene Vargas

When hiring a builder, most people are often concerned about the professional's experience and pricing. However, you need to conduct a serious assessment to ensure that the contractor is a perfect fit. So, what should you look out for? Below are some tips. 

Inquire About Quality Control Practices

As a homeowner, it may be difficult to tell if your home is built according to the required construction standards. Remember, poorly built homes could lead to prosecution and demolition. Therefore, ask the builder how they conduct quality control. For example, are they well acquainted with the local building codes? Do they have the accreditations needed to put up buildings in your locality? Finally, check whether the builder hires a building surveyor to supervise their work. Conduct a background check on the surveyor to establish their licencing. Ensure that the surveyor does not have conflicting interests in the builder's work. 

Inquire About The Source Of Raw Materials 

Where does the builder source their raw materials? For instance, you might be interested in using environmentally friendly materials such as sustainably sourced timber, engineered wood, solar panels or eco-friendly insulation. Check if the builder has working relationships with manufacturers and building suppliers. It enables them to secure discounts that might significantly cut the construction costs. 

Check Their Site Management Practices 

These factors will help you examine the builder's site management practices: 

  • Check the builder's safety protocols. For example, their employees should have appropriate safety clothing. Besides, they must barricade the working area and install signage to warn people about site risks.
  • The builder should use proper equipment. For example, they should assess the weight of employees and building materials when choosing scaffolds.
  • How will the builder manage waste at the site? They should leave the site spotlessly clean. They should either recycle the construction waste or dispose of it in landfills.
  • The builder must have adequate insurance coverage. 

Inquire If They Can Work With Bank Finances

Ask the builder about their ability to work with bank finances. Usually, banks assess the construction plans and recommend a payment plan. The bank then releases funds after the completion of a specified construction phase. For instance, it could release funds after the builder completes the foundation, slab, frame, roofing and interior. Therefore, the contractor must have adequate funds to commence the project before the bank sends payments. Ask for the builder's bank records to establish their financial position.  

When hiring a builder, check their quality control practices, check their site management protocols, inquire about their source of building materials and ability to work with banks. Keep these tips in mind when looking for builders near you.