Four ways that non-destructive digging can help the environment

Eugene Vargas

Non-destructive digging is a method of excavation that uses high-pressure water and compressed air to break up the surface, and then vacuum suction to remove it from the site. As it is a lot more focused than excavation, it is a much quicker and cheaper way to dig up a road. However, it can also be an environmentally friendly option. Here are some reasons why.

Less destructive

Firstly, as the name implies, this kind of digging is less destructive than traditional excavation. Traditional digging is less targeted and will break anything in its path. This includes tree roots, rabbit warrens and any other underground plant or animal life. Non-destructive digging avoids these natural structures. It digs up only the object or area that is of interest and leaves the surrounding environment undamaged.


Secondly, the length of the operation is greatly decreased, which brings its own environmental benefit. Construction equipment and excavators need fuel to run them, and this will have an effect on the project's carbon footprint. If the site can be dug up and restored more quickly, less fuel will be used. It will also mean that lengthy diversions for the public will not be in place for any longer than necessary. Diversions will involve greater fuel use, so the sooner the public can go back to their usual routes, the better for the environment.


Thirdly, non-destructive digging makes less mess. All the debris created by the digging is sucked away into a tank as the hole is being dug. It can then be replaced after the dig is complete. Nothing will be scattered away from the area or lost during the process. The site will be restored to its original condition without any wastage, and any birds or animals that were using the land will be able to do so again almost immediately.


Finally, non-destructive digging produces less noise than other types. This avoids noise pollution for humans, which can lead to problems with hearing and mental health. It also means that wildlife will not be scared off or driven out by the digging so that local populations of animals will suffer less of an impact from the work.

There will be an environmental cost to any industrial work. By keeping the work targeted, non-destructive digging ensures that this cost is as low as possible. Excavation work can therefore be carried out without causing harm to the wider environment, helping to keep the planet safe for future generations. 

For more info about non-destructive digging, contact a local company.