• How to Select the Best Gearbox Lubricant for Your Equipment

    Some gearbox repair needs can be traced to a failure by the lubricant to do its work of cooling/protecting the moving parts of the system. This article discusses some factors that you should consider when selecting the right lubricants for the gearboxes of your heavy construction equipment. Lubricant Viscosity Very thick (viscous) lubricants resist movement and can adhere to the surface of moving gearbox components. This adherence limits the friction that would have taken place so the equipment will last longer.

  • Why a Polycarbonate Roof is Better Than a Metal Roof

    You can roof your house using metallic roofing materials or you can roof it with polycarbonate sheets. Many more options exist and it may be daunting to pick the best. This article discusses why a polycarbonate roof may be better than a metallic roof. Flexibility Polycarbonate sheets are not affected by temperature changes. They can expand when it is hot, and then contract when temperatures drop. This expansion and contraction will not affect their composition in the same way that metal roofs can be affected.

  • Various Construction Hazards Revealed Through Excavations

    In construction, several tests on the identified site of construction are required. Depending on the type of building and other factors, different local authorities impose different regulations and requirements for construction. All these requirements usually enhance safety for the workers on the site, as well as future occupants of the building. Beyond preparing the sites for construction, excavations are also ways of determining several other safety conditions of your construction site.

  • Four Gate Automation Entry Options Every Ranch Should Consider

    Owning and operating a ranch means not only maintaining the ranch, but also ensuring that your livestock and home is kept safe. One method you may consider is using an automated gate system on the front, back, or other access areas of the ranch property. When you decide to go with an automated gate, you may not know that you have several entry options. Here are four gate automation entry options and some information about each one.

  • What to Ask Your Contractor When Choosing Timber Roof Trusses

    Timber roof trusses can open up your home and give it a spacious, grand feeling that you usually cannot get with any other type of design and construction. Timber trusses can be left bare and untouched for a very rustic look, or they can be painted or stained to match your home's d├ęcor or to provide a nice contrast to wall colors. When choosing timber trusses for your home, note a few questions you'll want to consider with your contractor.

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