• Reasons to Choose an Asphalt Driveway

    When it comes time to do something about your driveway, you have a number of options available to you. One of the most popular paving options for driveways is asphalt. Here are some good reasons why you should consider having an asphalt driveway installed. Asphalt Is Budget-Friendly One of the biggest advantages of asphalt driveways is that it is less expensive than other paving materials. Not only are the materials cheaper, there is also a lot less time involved in laying an asphalt driveway, so there are lower labour costs.

  • Dealing with Electrical Emergencies

    Anybody who works with electricity (including contractors like Multiple Trades & Maintenance), either as part of their employment or as a homeowner carrying out DIY repairs, is at risk from being shocked by the electricity if they are not following the correct procedure. If this does happen, a situation can develop where an electrical fire has started, or another person has suffered from an electric shock. This article looks at the ways to deal with these two events.

  • Designing a Comfortable Environment: A Basic Manual on Lighting and Warmth in Residential Design

    "The home is where the heart is." Potential home builders today face the daunting task of designing and furnishing their dream house. Often, however, people tend to overlook the qualities that makes a home a pleasant environment - the two factors of light and warmth. Here is a brief introduction to these basic needs that should serve you well when thinking about designing a home for your family. Lights on!

  • Interior Restoration Style Guide for Australian Architectural Eras

    Internal renovations and restorations in any home can prove as exciting as they are challenging.  For home owners whose homes are heritage-listed, challenges can often be compounded by the fact that heritage overlay legislation imposes strict guidelines on what changes, if any, home owners can make.  Heritage protection legislation varies by state, and can cover features such as awnings and decorative cornices.   If internal overlays apply to your property, it is of paramount importance that you understand the different Australian residential architectural styles that exist, which your home belongs to, and how to decorate accordingly.

  • The Downsides Of Treating Fences With Creosote, And The Alternatives You Can Use

    For decades, creosote was the preservative of choice for treating and preserving your fences and fence posts, and was used by homeowners and tradesmen alike. Generally, the pungent substance sold as 'creosote' on the open market was actually a blend of two different creosotes: wood-tar creosote, the substance used in preserving smoked meats, and the more potent coal-tar creosote. This traditional blend is, unfortunately, no longer available commercially, and for good reason.

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